Bianca Bromme- Team- und Organisationsentwicklerin

Bianca Bromme - network management consulting | coaching
Photo | Studioline Karlsruhe

Team and organizational development consultant, coach
experienced leader, connecting, clear, resource-oriented

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For high performance teams and competitive organisations

Consultant and Coach for Organizations Undergoing Transformation

Bianca Bromme studied psychology and now advises and supports individuals, teams, and organizations in challenging situations, such as changes, conflicts, or lack of cooperation. Bianca’s services help improve interpersonal communication and create structures and processes that make cooperation easier for all stakeholders and boost the impact of the results of their collaboration.

Bianca Bromme - Executive Coach in the Stuttgart-Karlsruhe Metropolitan Region

Diversity as an Asset in Cooperation

Bianca believes that people often see diversity as a source of conflict or difficulties, but it does also spark innovation and makes teams agile. She is passionate about valuing diversity as an asset and offering all stakeholders a platform to share what they have got.

Bianca Bromme

Professional Experience

Bianca began putting her training and facilitation skills into practice while she was still studying psychology. After completing a course in behavioral skills training, she then worked as a business consultant for various international companies, assisting them with employee and organizational development as well as HR diagnostics.

During a period when she was posted to Brazil in this role, Bianca gained international professional experience, giving her an even greater affinity for working in international teams. She then joined the management team at a midsize company, overseeing its employee and organizational development and employer branding. She was responsible for developing these areas strategically. Her profile is rounded off by her training as a systemic consultant for change and organizational development.

Bianca Bromme

Strengths: Sharp Observational Skills, Structural Approach, and Empathy

Bianca is able to really understand others and forge strong relationships with them thanks to her empathetic nature and her attentive listening and observational skills. The methodical way she thinks and communicates brings clarity to any complex or convoluted situation. Her positive energy and solution-focused approach brings her clients along on the journey and helps them identify the right way to resolve challenging situations.

Bianca Bromme


  • Empathic
  • are clearly
  • Resource-focused
  • Solution-focused
  • Engaging

Core Skills

  • Team and organisational development
  • Organisational consulting
  • Employer branding
  • Coaching
  • Training program design
  • Training
  • Workshop facilitation
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