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Helen Scheithauer - Executive Coach

Team and organisational development, coach
Experienced manager, passionate, engaging


Consultant and Executive Coach

Helen Scheithauer works with companies, teams, and individuals as a coach, consultant, and sparring partner to support them through changes. She provides clarity in complex transformation processes, giving clients a clear direction. She treats clients as an equal partner, advising them on change concepts, facilitating workshops in the implementation phase, developing teams, and coaching managers and employees.

Helen Scheithauer - Change Management Consultant in the Munich Metropolitan Region

A Partner to Help with Complex Change Processes

Helen has a proactive attitude that gets people involved while identifying solutions that can produce quick results. Helen is familiar with the challenges that organizations must overcome to make complex transformation processes a success and get their employees on board. She supports her clients every step of the way, keeps the process on track, and doesn’t lose sight of the end goal, including during critical stages.

Helen Scheithauer

Professional Experience

Helen was a manager for several years and worked in interdisciplinary teams. She completed a systemic coaching course in 2016 and holds an MSc from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her interdisciplinary education in organizational studies, business administration, sociology, linguistics, and cultural studies gives her the ability to think outside the box.

Helen Scheithauer

Strengths: Proactive Approach in a Supportive Environment

For Helen, change is a matter of trust, and trust is built on understanding. She is analytically minded and communicates succinctly, getting to the heart of complex matters. She helps others to change their perspective with empathy and is guided by the person with whom she is working, combining ‘understanding’ and ‘being understood’ to form a solid foundation for change.

Helen Scheithauer


  • Strategic
  • Target-oriented
  • Empathic
  • passionate
  • Methodical

Core Skills

  • Team and organisational development
  • Change management
  • Training of change agents
  • New Work Concepts
  • Strategy development
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Executive Coaching
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