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Leading in an appreciative and trusting manner, is how we see ourselves.

Our customers are medium-sized companies or medium-sized corporations, foundations and universities. They use our expertise in the areas of Organisational development, Team development, Changing corporate and leadership culture, Agile transformation and Personality and Leadership development.

Our Coaching is aimed at board members, managing directors, entrepreneurs and senior managers.

Customer feedback

We asked our customers what they value about working with us.

These are the top 5 answers:

Profound expertise
Critical sparring
Consistently high quality
Flexibility and productivity

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Selected reference projects

Here are some examples of companies we have worked for or are still working for. We will be happy to provide you with further references or put you in contact with our clients.

Advisory mandates with a focus on

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Read one aspect of our advisory services in the article "Leadership culture in transition".

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Mrs Walter was the right choice for us!

"The success of change projects depends on various factors, such as a motivating vision, the support of the project by the stakeholders and the recruitment of important change agents. Together with Ms Walter, we also focused in a 2-day coaching session on analysing individual stakeholders and important multipliers in order to understand what motivates them to support our project. Ms Walter also helped us with clever questions to define a meaningful framework for the project and to give it a structure. Ms Walter was the right choice for us!"

Melanie Maier, Head of Corporate Development

Perfect mix of leading and letting go, listening and asking.

"It is the down-to-earthness of her work that inspires me about Sabine Walter. The coaching with the team from Svea Kuschel + Kollegen was about the entrepreneurial vision and its implementation. The fact that critical, emotionally sore points are worked out, tackled and solved in a practical way is mainly due to her. She achieves this in a perfect mixture of leading and letting go, listening and questioning, closeness and distance. I can only recommend every company to design change and development processes with her!

Constanze Hintze, Managing Director

Advisory mandates with a focus on

Inexhaustible ideas as well as expert and honest feedback.

"We used our 50th anniversary as an occasion, to realign the company IBF Ingenieure for the future. At the same time, we also wanted to take care of our internal processes around corporate and employee management.

I turned to you, Ms Walter, for support in this process. You have put us on the right track through leadership coaching, workshops for employees and for the management. Thank you very much for the trustful cooperation, your inexhaustible ideas as well as your expert and honest feedback."

Michael Weise, Managing Partner

Logo mediaprint infoverlag

Trustworthy sparring partner and coach for the executive board

"Sabine Walter accompanied the management of mediaprint gruppe for one and a half years within the framework of executive coaching and sparring. The aim of the initiative was the strategic realignment of a division of the company as well as the development of digital products so that they reach a share of turnover of 15%. In order to achieve this, it was essential to digitise processes and procedures, and to change the organisation and, above all, the way employees and managers think. In this successful change process, Ms Walter was a trustworthy sparring partner and coach for the management. Personally, I was impressed by the way in which Ms. Walter adapted to the individual manager and his or her challenges and yet worked with impressive clarity towards a common goal.

Markus Trost, Managing Director

Advisory mandates with a focus on

Logo Horváth and Partner

Trusting partnership - successful personnel development

"We have been working for several years very trustworthy with Sabine Walter and her team together. Especially appreciate we in her and her colleagues that they, understand our goals, our thinking and our work. This is particularly visible in the fact that all Further training measuresthat Sabine and her team carry out with us, tailor-made are and always contribute to it, To bring our defined strategy to life. Sabine Walter gives proactive valuable tips for my meetings and thus also contributes to the success of our staff development work."

Barbara Wöhler, Team Leader Learning Horváth

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Our employees were enthusiastic about the seminars.

Our employees were enthusiastic about the seminars. They feel strengthened for their daily challenges. I have seldom experienced that in-company training is accepted with so much joy and success.

Martin E. J. Becker, Managing Director

Logo STINGL Building Services, Munich

"A key success factor of our company is the good communication culture. To ensure that we continuously maintain this at a very good level, we offer all employees extensive training opportunities. Since 2014, Sabine Walter has been developing some of these seminars for us and conducting them together with colleagues from her team. What we really appreciate about working with Sabine and her team is that they recognise the strengths and development areas of each participant very quickly and use them to develop the participants in a targeted way. Furthermore, the high proportion of exercises in the seminars contributes to trying out what has been learned directly in situations from one's own everyday life. In this way, each participant makes concrete learning progress that is also visible in everyday professional life."

Matthias Mezzadri, Head of Plant Engineering Department

Logo Aran Brotgenuss & Kaffeekult - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching

Finding and developing employees for a successful start-up.

"Winning qualified employees for my company was the first challenge. Forming a powerful team out of these employees was the second. And managing these employees successfully in the start-up phase of my company was the third challenge for me. Sabine Walter was a reliable sparring partner and coach for me in all three challenges. With her empathy, she very quickly created a basis of trust that gave me and my staff the courage to clearly leave our own comfort zone and thus grow beyond ourselves in a short time. We couldn't have laid a better foundation for our business start-up."

Renate Weiss, Managing Director

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We will be happy to provide you with details of this project on request.

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