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Team and Organizational Development

What’s the difference between a normal team and a real dream team? How can an organization stay strong and competitive in the long term? How can a team give it everything it’s got?

What do you call an organization that doesn’t put its success down to closely monitored KPIs and blood, sweat, and tears, instead it achieves success ‘simply’ through reliable, respectful, innovative, and purposeful cooperation? A dream team.

Creating such a team, or setting up a special organization that checks all the boxes for a dream team, is an ongoing process involving daily challenges.

As experienced managers, facilitators, trainers, executive coaches, and organizational development consultants, we have been drawing on our broad range of expertise to provide end-to-end support in all phases of organizational development for over a decade.

Phases organizational development - managementberatung | coaching
Phases of an organizational development

What makes us different?

Team and Organizational Development for Dream Teams

Focus on Benefits to the Business

We take our time to set out the scope of our cooperation properly: What do you want the end result to be? What will you sacrifice? What will you gain? Why do you need to start this process now?

Informative analysis

We recommend starting the development process with a team analysis. How does this help you? Firstly, you will receive an informative overview of your team’s strengths and areas for improvement, and we will recommend specific measures for you to take. Secondly, by involving your employees in the process right from the start, this first step will bring them on board and make them much more willing to accept subsequent measures and any necessary changes.

Sharp Observational Skills

We analyze what seems to be obvious and identify and explore what isn’t. We have a keen eye for detail while keeping the bigger picture in focus.

Empathy and Developing People’s Potential

We encourage everyone involved – both managers and team members – to engage with the process by stepping out of their comfort zones and into the ‘growth zone’. This is where we will push you but not overwhelm you. We will help cultivate greater self-confidence and trust in the team and the organization.

Extensive Expertise in Change Management Processes

We have a deep, systematic understanding of development processes, giving us a keen sense for process and organizational dynamics and allowing us to create them if required.

Experience has taught us that there will be challenges and obstacles when an organization undergoes change, and we will turn them into opportunities for developing the team and the organization.

That way we will get to the heart of the matter more quickly and achieve lasting results in a shorter time.

Real Results

We have experience in management and industry, ensuring that you benefit from the pragmatism needed during the process and come out with workable solutions.

We ensure that the content of our workshops is clear and engaging, so you can achieve tangible results and apply what you learn to your daily life.

After our workshops, we often hear attendees say, “It’s hard to put into words what it’s like to work with Sabine Walter and her team on team development. You just have to experience it for yourself.” They feel that they have grown a great deal personally, as a team, and in their communication skills. They can see how much they have accomplished and the real results they have achieved. They can recall the trust exercises, creative discussions, constructive disagreements, and honest appraisals. And then they step into their next working day confident that they have achieved something lasting.

Do you want to put a dream team together? Then we should talk.

Team- und Organisationsentwicklung: Teamübung einen Stab gemeinsam mit den Fingern auf den Boden zu legen - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching

Focus on togetherness

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Sabine Walter worked with the management team at the mediaprint group for 18 months, helping us to complete a strategic realignment in one of our business units. I was impressed with how Ms. Walter tailored her approach to each member of the management team and the challenges they faced, while working toward a joint objective with amazing clarity.

Markus Trost, Managing Director of the mediaprint group, Mering

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