Terezie Hovorková – Kommunikationstrainerin

Terezie Hovorková - network management consulting | coaching
Foto | Studioline Berlin - Ringcenter

Communication trainer and law student
Motivating, empathic, attentive

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Communication trainer and law student, Berlin Metropolitan Region

Communication trainer and law student

Terezie Hovorková's passion is debate as a constructive form of substantive discussion. Only when a topic or an issue can be examined from all sides and different aspects and perspectives can be exchanged, there is a chance of finding a really good solution.

As a trainer for international projects with a focus on argumentation and debate, Terezie supports participants in developing their rhetorical skills. Only those who listen carefully to others, structure their own arguments in a logical way and then bring them to the point in a comprehensible way are convincing.

Terezie Hovorková

Conversation connects

Terezie is convinced that in argumentative exchange, the opposing poles of the opinion spectrum come closer together - "We communicate with each other, not against each other". The aspiring lawyer and experienced communicator brings with her both, the theoretical background and the practical "toolbox" that are indispensable for a good and fruitful conversation.

Terezie Hovorková

Professional Experience

Terezie Hovorková studies law at the Humboldt University of Berlin (HU). During her studies, she completed internships in major international law firms as well as in the notary's office and at the Administrative Court of Berlin. Currently, she is supporting the Institute for Energy and Competition Law in the Municipal Economy e.V. of the HU as a student assistant of Professor Dr. Hans-Peter Schwintowski.

Terezie conducted numerous seminars on argumentation, debating culture and rhetoric and trained the Czech team of a European project aimed at an EU-wide exchange of ideas and opinions. She also completed a course on negotiation skills and was a mentee in a program on public speaking, effective communication and branding.

Terezie Hovorková

Strengths: Listening and analyzing lead to very good solutions

Terezie is a very good listener and looks at every situation from different angles. As a result, she always manages to find a balanced solution based on solid arguments.

In doing so, she creates an atmosphere of trust and can bring each and everyone closer to their personal goal through the perfect combination of empathy and the will to crack even " tough nuts".

Terezie Hovorková


  • Motivating
  • Empathic
  • Humorous
  • Attentive
  • Methodical

Core Skills

  • Training
  • Debating
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Legal analysis
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