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Tim Wagner - Trainer and Consultant

Communications expert, author
Mediator, analytical thinker, humorous, clear and descriptive

Leadership trainer in the Berlin metropolitan region

Author, Trainer & Consultant

Tim Wagner develops concepts and works as an author, trainer, and consultant for research centers, foundations, company executives, and political as well as judiciary leaders. He teaches managers/decision- makers how to clearly and convincingly communicate their ideas and objectives and thus develop long-term opportunities with their cooperation partners.

Tim Wagner - Communication and constructive impulses

Communication as a Basis for Targeted Impact

Tim believes that it is essential to first have a thorough understanding of communication processes before you can optimize them effectively. This includes both conceptually analyzing as well as working practically on specific presentational and conversational scenarios.

Tim Wagner

Professional Experience

After finishing his studies, Tim worked at different universities and academic institutions as a researcher, lecturer, and research manager. He headed the public relations and communication division of an interdisciplinary research institute, and he was responsible for coordinating a research area. He has spent over 15 years working on large international projects, developing strategies and training materials. He has authored a number of publications on topics related to argumentation theory and the philosophy of language.

Tim Wagner

Strengths: Structures, Humor, and Focus on Clients

Tim has a talent for taking complex scenarios and making them clear and well structured. As a trainer and consultant, he knows how to work with teams and individuals to develop strategies that make communication more effective and goals easier to reach. For Tim, the focus of this process is always on the strengths and resources that he is able to develop through clear feedback, some humor, and constructive ideas.

Tim Wagner


  • Analytical
  • Communicative
  • Approachable
  • Creative
  • Humorous

Core Skills

  • Training
  • Training program design
  • Designing and creating teaching materials
  • One-on-one consultancy
  • Argumentation theory and practice
  • Workshop and event facilitation
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