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Entrepreneurial tasks for social development

As companies, we deal very intensively with social issues. You can also find our thoughts and impulses in our blog.

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The Agile State. Transformation of a society.

21 min.

Crises per se and the Corona crisis in particular bring to light things that are in urgent need of reform at all levels of society, politics and the economy. Companies in need of reform would be ordered to restructure and thereby make them fit for the future. That is why I am taking a look at Germany with this entrepreneurial attitude and using it to develop an idea paper that will help make our country fit for the future.


Gender emancipation: Man and woman as winners - managementberatung | coaching
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From the gender discussion to more equality - a thought experiment

9 min.

"Why is it that a few weeks of crisis are enough - and we are back in a man's world? The road to equality seems longer than we thought," is how Julia Jaekel, CEO of Gruner+Jahr, formulates her thoughts for "Die ZEIT" magazine. Because: It is mainly the women at home who make sure that the children keep up with home schooling and that everyday life at home continues largely as before. Julia Jaekel's article made me think and raised some questions that I would like to share with you.


Enemies of innovation: Three wise monkeys with money in their ears, on their eyes, in their mouths - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
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Enemies of innovation

6 min.

In July 2019, the Global Innovation Index Report 2019 published. The report presents the Innovation power of 129 countries worldwide evaluated on the basis of various criteria.

Switzerland is the front-runner for the second time in a row. Germany is in 9th placeThe report invites readers to take a closer look at Germany's innovative strength.


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If Germany knew what Germany knows. A knowledge society in theory and practice.

5 min.

Our school system is counteracting Germany's development into a genuine knowledge society. That is why it is all the more important to support projects that do things differently. We present two of them here.


Corporate management: Roulette spins - managementberatung | coaching
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Corporate governance: growth at any price loses.

6 min.

Growth is considered an indicator of entrepreneurial success. Annual, ideally double-digit. But growth at any price in an oversaturated society is harmful. Companies and society are already feeling the first consequences: Stress-related illnesses, internal resignation, burnout. In this article, we develop a scenario that shows how healthy growth can emerge. And we raise awareness for alternative key figures and control parameters.


Impulses for a sustainable education system: Sanduhr - managementberatung | coaching
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The clock is ticking! 10 Impulses for an Education System with a Future.

3 min.

Our society is changing. Companies are changing. And our education system? Seen from a meta-level, it seems as if the Stone Age meets the future, the digital world meets slate and stylus. What could an education system look like that supports our social change?


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We need heroes.

4 min.

The heroes are dead. We need heroes. The legends of heroes like Siegfried, Homer and Odysseus have long been a thing of the past. And yet the social search for heroes of our time is more topical than ever.

What makes hero:ins? And why do we need them so urgently in this day and age? We would like to answer these two questions in the article.


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The brand eins future subscription - we're in on it!

1 min.

Continuing education is a matter of the heart: In our work with companies and managers, we experience every day how important the promotion of young people is for our economy. That is why we support the Future subscription of brand eins.


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