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In addition to our open workshops, we also deliver in-house training sessions in leadership, communications, and personal development tailored to your organization. We make our training content engaging and memorable. We factor in the psychological aspects of how people learn, incorporating what they need to retain information easily and apply it in their day-to-day lives after the workshop.

Feedback from Martin Becker, Managing Director of RBS Group in Munich, on our training: “Our employees were inspired by the workshops. They now feel better equipped to face the challenges in their daily lives. I have rarely seen in-house training received with such enjoyment and success.”

Below is an overview of the workshops we regularly run with our clients in German or English:

Leadership Training

Agile Leadership

Agility is a mindset. Someone who is agile in how they think and act can observe what is happening around them and change how they operate accordingly. Agile companies are organizations that quickly adapt to changes, being flexible so that they can tailor their operations to their changing environment. This requires them to have managers and employees who can identify, embrace, and shape these changes, both on their own and in cooperation with others. Agility also requires an understanding of leadership on equal terms, which we cultivate in this workshop.

Developing an Agile Team – A ‘Train the Trainer’ Session

This ‘Train the Trainer’ session aims to give agile coaches and Scrum Masters the tools to analyze a team’s level of development and facilitate a kick-off workshop on team development. Part of the session is very hands on – the facilitation workshop, where attendees can plan upcoming workshops from their day-to-day work, for instance, and trial follow-up sessions. Like almost all of our workshops, we work in pairs in this training session. This enables us to record videos of attendees practicing their facilitation skills and evaluate them in a personal coaching session.

Manage Employees with Success

At the end of this two-day training, attendees will have an understanding of what it takes to manage successfully and confidently. They will be able to delegate effectively, allowing them to gradually hand over responsibility. They will learn how to agree measurable targets with employees and give constructive feedback. We will work in a supportive environment, and our session will be interactive with a good mix of theory and practice. We will rehearse different types of employee dialog, such as performance reviews, on camera and analyze each recording in a follow-up personal coaching session.

From Colleague to Boss – Leadership Training for Junior Staff

In this two-day workshop, we will train attendees on how to more effectively make the change from colleague to boss, deepen their understanding of their new responsibilities, conduct performance reviews, and fill their leadership ‘tool kit’.

How to Have Effective Employee Dialog

Communication is an essential component of a manager’s responsibilities. Ongoing dialog helps shape and support processes allowing staff to grow and develop, and it resolves any issues or queries that may arise, maintaining trust at all times. This workshop will train you to communicate with employees effectively using different types of meeting based on your everyday experiences. The training will be recorded on video and analyzed in a one-to-one session after each one.

How to Make Termination Processes Positive

This workshop aims to make you an expert in the legal framework surrounding employee departures. We will also highlight ways in which you can make the process fair and supportive. Our objective is to help your company maintain its reputation as a good employer, even if there are disputes when an employee leaves, and thereby keep your business financially sustainable.

Trust as a Key to Success – Training for Sales and Management Teams

Every successful relationship is built on trust. This two-day workshop centers around Covey’s model of trust. What constitutes trust? What do different personalities need to be able to trust? How can we tell when there is trust? How can we build trust? What do we do if trust has been eroded? How can we build it back up? We will work with attendees to answer these questions. We will also use examples from their day-to-day professional lives and film attendees role-playing specific scenarios to establish, strengthen, or rebuild trust. This workshop is very hands on.

Personal Development Training

Mixing Business and Improv

This workshop provides a fun and entertaining environment for attendees to discover new sides to their personalities or revive forgotten parts of themselves. It uses improv exercises to build attendees’ self-confidence, their trust in others, and confidence for interacting with others. They will gain the ability to respond to spontaneous work-related scenarios with creativity.

Keeping a Cool Head – A Conflict Management Workshop

This two-day conflict management workshop aims to help attendees identify their own and other people’s conflict styles more quickly, gain a better understanding of conflict dynamics, and add to their range of tools for dealing with conflicts. Identifying how you deal with conflicts is the first key step to improving your conflict management style, so you can respond to emotional situations with a cool head. As with all our workshops, this training session will put the theory into practice using various exercises and discussions.

The ‘I’ Brand – Self-Marketing for Women

At the end of this workshop, attendees will know their strengths and talents and consider them resources. They will be able to clearly communicate their goals. They will stand by what they say and will be able to convey their goals and opinions convincingly. They will have a clearer plan for their professional future and understand how to use networking to further their goals.

Working Productively – Time Management for Executives and Professionals

As American business consultant R. Alec Mackenzie so succinctly put, “No one has enough time, yet everyone has all there is.” It’s a dilemma – some can manage with 24 hours in the day, others would prefer a day to last 36 hours. To get out of this daily grind, it is important to understand which personal traits shape your time management style and break disruptive habits. In addition to this self-reflection exercise, this workshop will cover the traditional time management principles and tools.

Communication Training

Communicate with Purpose – Communication Techniques Training

In this two-day workshop, attendees will learn how to hold one-on-one discussions, telephone calls, and meetings with a focus on goals and results, and how to win over others. Attendees will use scenarios from their day-to-day work as the basis for the practical tasks. This will enable them to lead and sustain critical discussions with confidence once they have completed the training.

Compelling Speech

This training session will give attendees a supportive environment where they can work on taking their speaking skills to the next level, learning how to structure speech as well as conversation techniques and repartee skills. By the end of the session, attendees will be well equipped to take on any conversational challenges in their day-to-day job.

Not Another Boring Presentation – Learn How to Captivate Your Audience

This two-day training session is not just another run-of-the-mill presentation skills workshop. It will train attendees to present persuasively and engage their audience with lots of practical exercises. They will give five or six presentations in total. We will also train attendees on how to prepare efficiently, how to deliver presentations with enthusiasm, using content that is compelling and tailored to their audience, and how to run Q&A sessions confidently. Every attendee will leave the session inspired, taking with them a whole host of new skills.

How to Hold Effective Meetings – Learning the Basics for Success

This two-day workshop will show attendees how to structure and facilitate meetings, and how to achieve the desired outcomes in the time available. Similar to our other training sessions, up to 80% of this workshop will involve practical activities. This way attendees will learn more than just the theory of effectively preparing and leading meetings; they will also be able to practice facilitating in a goal-oriented way and handling disruptions with confidence.

Talk, Resolve, Decide – Getting Straight to The Point with Ten-Minute Meetings

This workshop aims to get attendees to reflect on their discussion and leadership styles, teaching them how to get straight to the point with ten-minute meetings. We will start with an overview of the different leadership cultures and their communication tools before picking out their similarities and differences, and practicing specific meeting scenarios in front of the camera.

Never Draw a Blank Again – How to Think on Your Feet

In this workshop, we will practice how to respond to thorny situations confidently, calmly, and even with quick wit. After completing this training, attendees will see jokes, verbal attacks, and misunderstandings as fun challenges to overcome. They will learn how to deal with, deflect, and counter them in an elegant and playful way, ensuring a constructive and worthwhile interaction.

Negotiating in Conflict Situations

Resolving difficult situations on your own and without escalating the conflict is a challenge for many organizations, as well as their staff and managers. The aim of this workshop is to strengthen attendees’ ability to deal with conflicts and develop their conflict management and negotiation skills so that they can cooperate with all stakeholders to find solutions that are amenable to everyone.

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