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Experts, Visionaries, and Agents of Change Who Give It Their All

The network team consists of leaders with diverse qualifications. What unites us: The will and the ability to develop people, teams and organisations and lead them to realise their full potential. See for yourself!

Sabine Walter, Executive Coach - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
Photo | C. Pescha

Sabine Walter

Executive Coach
Team and Organizational Development Consultant
Munich Metropolitan Region

Highly accomplished entrepreneur, strategic thinker, holistic

Dr. Simon Drescher, communications consultant - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
Photo | Timo Neumann

Dr. Simon Drescher

Communication consultant and author,
Expert for Change Communication
Stuttgart Metropolitan Region

Analytical, thoughtful, thought-provoking

Tim Wagner, management trainer - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
Photo | Tim Wagner

Tim Wagner

Expert in communication, author,
Leadership trainer
Berlin Metropolitan Region

Mediator, analytical thinker, humorous, clear and descriptive

Greta Wonneberger, public speaking coach - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
Photo | Lotte Ostermann

Greta Wonneberger

Rhetoric trainer, author, conflict counselling
Berlin Metropolitan Region

Inspiring trainer, clear in ideas and actions, creative

Claudia Hagen - network management consulting coaching
Photo | Sedlar & Wolff

Claudia Hagen

Executive coach, HR consultant
Berlin Metropolitan Region

solution-oriented, strong in implementation, empathic

Sebastian Brumm, organisational developer - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
Photo | C. Pescha

Sebastian Brumm

Agile leadership and communication consultant
Stuttgart Metropolitan Region

Creative freethinker, goal-driven, empathetic

Anja Kluge, organisational developer - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
Photo | Jacqueline Häußler

Anja Kluge

Team and organisational development
Stuttgart Metropolitan Region

Attentive, proactive, clear, methodical

Mariella Guarneri, rhetoric trainer - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
Photo | Ania Lewandowska

Mariella Guarneri

Communication trainer, coach
Stuttgart Metropolitan Region

Experienced public speaker, focused, sincere

Zarah Speck, Executive Coach - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
Photo | Bacon

Zarah Speck

Personal developer, trainer, career coach
Frankfurt Metropolitan Region

Excellent listener, inquisitive, supportive

Dr. Julia Friemel, mediator and lawyer - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
Photo | Friemel

Dr Julia Friemel

Mediator, specialist lawyer for labour law
Munich Metropolitan Region

Empathetic mediator, results-focused, pragmatic

Helen Scheithauer - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
Photo | Scheithauer

Helen Scheithauer

Team and organisational development, coach
Munich Metropolitan Region

Experienced manager, passionate, engaging

Bianca Bromme - network management consulting | coaching
Photo | Studioline Karlsruhe

Bianca Bromme

Team and organizational development consultant, coach
Stuttgart-Karlsruhe Metropolitan Region

Engaging, clear, resource-oriented

Alexandra Jelen, Agile Coach - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
Photo | Jelen

Alexandra Jelen

Agile leadership consultant, project manager
Düsseldorf metropolitan region

Visionary leader, methodical, communicative

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