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Organizational Development for SMEs

Our firm supports clients with their organizational transformation and development, and coaches and develops their leaders.

Our expertise helps make SMEs more competitive and ensures their continued success for years — and even generations — to come. We tackle the heart of the matter and achieve lasting results.

What You Need Help With

  • Realigning strategy
  • Change of executive board members, directors, or partners
  • Implementing succession plans
  • Growing pains and the need to professionalize your organization
  • Inadequate management structures and tools
  • Loss of momentum due to conflicts
  • Lack of trust in the management team
  • Poor cooperation within the company
  • High resistance to change
  • Lack of identification with your company among employees
  • Falling employee satisfaction
  • High staff turnover
  • Realigning the corporate culture
  • Demand for well-structured, continuous staff development
  • Decline in performance
  • No sparring partner to explore the issues facing your company
  • Ineffective decision-making processes

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How We Kick Off Our Collaboration

Over the years, we have found that these are good places to start:

Executive Coaching | Executive Sparring

Personal coaching or sparring gives you the opportunity to start our collaboration by talking to us about the strategic issues you’re facing in developing your organization and setting goals for your personal development. We will listen carefully, explore your points, give you feedback and ideas for action, and together we will draw up a strategy with plans and solutions that will help you achieve the outcomes you want.

Executives, directors, and entrepreneurs who benefit from our management coaching service are ready to take their organizations to a whole new level with our assistance.

Analyzing How Effective Your Leadership Is

Effective leadership is crucial for both an organization’s health and its corporate success. We will look at two specific areas when we analyze how effective your leadership is. Firstly, we will explore issues relating to the core business:

  • How successful is your company at meeting key consumer and/or social needs with your products and services?
  • How effective are you at achieving this? How much value do you add?
  • To what extent do members of your organization identify with your company and the problems that it sets out to solve? How much of your expertise do you contribute?

Secondly, we focus on the fundamental qualities of an effective leader and analyze the extent to which you share such qualities.

We use a variety of survey tools to carry out this analysis, chosen based on your goals, budget, and time frame. We will send you your results within 2–3 weeks. This report will show your strengths and areas that require action, and it prioritizes them so that you can plan your next steps either on your own or with our help.

Facilitating Decision-Making Processes

You need to be able to facilitate decision-making processes in a smart and goal-focused way if you want to be agile, productive, and effective in your work, build up momentum in your transformation processes, and go from planning and discussing to taking action.

But in reality, many companies lack this key skill. Entrepreneurs and managers often find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to change and transformation management. On the one hand, they want to engage as many employees as possible, but on the other it is crucial for them to show quick results.

We’re experts in this area. We will run a joint workshop for you and your team to guide you through a decision-making process and work toward a concrete outcome. In addition to achieving real results, you will familiarize yourself with us and our methods, and we will get to know you, beginning the process of building trust and laying the foundation for extensive organizational development.

Conducting a Team Analysis

It’s worth examining your team as a whole so that they can learn their strengths and areas for development. We have created a team assessment wheel with 18 criteria that provide an excellent overview of how confidently your team works and which aspects require improvement. This analysis can be paired with a survey of individual team members or a questionnaire about a preferred working model.

We will present you with the findings of the team analysis within two weeks, detailing the team’s strengths, where it can improve, and recommended actions to take.

Running a Strategy Workshop

Commissioning us to run a strategy workshop is another opportunity to get to know us and start building trust. By the end of the workshop, you will have an overview of where you need to take action plus a road map of our recommendations for your next steps. Together we will find out whether we have the right chemistry, and whether a collaboration looks feasible.

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Collaborative Process

What we focus on when we work together depends on where you’re starting from and where you want to go. There are three core questions that apply to many organizational development projects:

  • How do we strengthen trust in our organization?
  • How do we become and remain a dream team?
  • How can we make our leadership more effective and help each member of the organization to use their self-efficacy to its full potential to achieve common goals?

Building and continually developing a high-performance team is an ongoing process. As experienced managers and executive coaches ourselves, we have spent over a decade facilitating organizational and strategy development processes. Many of us introduced and led such processes in our time working in the field.

That means you’re not only getting brilliant minds with a broad range of expertise, but also people who have worked with these concepts in practice and can give you tailored advice on feasible solutions.

Organizational Development from Start to Finish

We can give you end-to-end support, from the kick-off meeting all the way to your final ‘new’ organization – the choice is yours. This includes:

Personal Coaching

  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Sparring
  • Mentoring
  • Mediation
  • Advice and training to make your change communications a success
  • Preparation for management audits
  • Advice on labor laws

Team Support

Organizational Support

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What You Get Out of It

Everything we do helps make your company more competitive and a better employer.

The tangible outcomes of our collaboration depend on your goals. You may wish to have:

  • A clear and compelling vision
  • A purpose that everyone can get behind
  • A definitive five-year strategy
  • A new understanding of leadership that can be implemented in the organization
  • A new organizational structure
  • Self-reliant teams, greater engagement and commitment
  • Skill profiles for different roles and responsibilities
  • More motivated and highly trained employees
  • More time for business and management tasks
  • Staff support for new company management or a new executive committee
  • Greater trust in the management or executive team and the organization
  • Greater ingenuity

The processes that produce these results are shaped by investments and changes. We have spent the last 15 years helping our clients emerge from these processes stronger and turn investments into tangible achievements.


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