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Executive coaching for managing directors

My Executive Coaching is aimed at Managing directors and entrepreneurs of medium-sized companies.

Advantages of my executive coaching

  • Sparring partner for C-Level: Your Executive Coach Sabine Walter has 15 years of coaching experience, is an entrepreneur at eye level and an experienced manager. Sabine Walter incorporates this experience into her coaching, scrutinises topics from different perspectives and is therefore a valuable sparring partner for you.
  • Trust and confidentiality: We attach great importance to a trusting working relationship and guarantee absolute confidentiality. Your success is our top priority and we will do everything we can to support you in achieving it.
  • Sustainable resultsOur approach aims to achieve long-term improvements in your management style and your corporate strategy. We accompany you on your journey and support you in implementing sustainable changes.
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Coaching topics

You can answer questions from the following areas Leadershipfurther development of the company and Personality development into your executive coaching. Below you will find some practical examples:

Example Managing Director Coaching: Strategic reorientation

Strategic reorganisation of a medium-sized family business

Your situation

You are an employed managing director of the medium-sized family business. The company is headquartered in Germany and is primarily dependent on two industries: Automotive and construction.

In order to secure the company's competitiveness, you would like to sell one division so that you can make the more than overdue investments in the other.

You present your strategy to the Supervisory Board and the shareholders and receive resistance at all levels.

Estimated scope of coaching

12 - 16 hours

Coaching results

  • Analysed conflict structure of all parties involved
  • Transparency about your own trigger points
  • Procedure for resolving the various conflicts
  • Increased personal ability to deal with conflict
  • Convincing target image of the new organisation
  • Shortlist of potential buyers
  • Business case for remaining division
  • Convincing communication strategy
  • Key questions to help guide you through the various conversations
  • Strategies to weaken resistance
  • Strengthened basis of trust with key stakeholders
  • The go for your proposal

Exemplary coaching topics: Contemporary leadership

  • How can I increase my Leadership Effectiveness ?
  • How can trust-based cooperation in management be improved?
  • How do I lead my company through a far-reaching change process?

Examples of coaching topics: Personal development

  • How can I be authentic in my role?
  • How can I act even more in line with my values in these challenging times?
  • How do I communicate even complex topics convincingly?

Frequent coaching topics The Managing Director

  • How can the company be strategically reorganised?
  • How can I initiate a culture change in the company and lead to success?
  • How can our company become more agile?
  • How do I gain the acceptance of the entire workforce for necessary changes?
  • How can we become a management team that works trustful together?
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Frequently asked questions

How do you work in executive coaching?

In the Managing Director Coaching programme, I support you in all aspects of your further development. In doing so, I look at you as a person and in your role - i.e. as part of the system in which you operate. The system can be the company, the management team or, in the case of family entrepreneurs, the family:

My coaching is systemically solution-focussed. Depending on the task at hand, sparring, counselling and small training sessions can be part of my work. I use all methods to support you in achieving your goal and thus further development.

How much time should I plan for executive coaching?

It has proven successful to carry out coaching in small units of 60 minutes each over a longer period of time. Many managers and executives work with me every 3-4 weeks and receive support over the course of a year.

Why should I invest in coaching as a managing director?

Executive coaching offers concrete benefits to managing directors on several levels. Here are three reasons why you as a managing director should invest in coaching:

  1. Sparring partner and honest feedback provider: With the coach, you gain a sparring partner and honest feedback provider. You rarely find this in your own company.
  2. Self-reflection and change of perspectiveA coach helps you to better recognise your own strengths and weaknesses and promotes deeper self-reflection. Both help you to develop as a person and in your leadership role.
  3. Impulses for the further development of the company: Many of my clients use their coaching to gain impetus for the further development of the company organisation or for upcoming change projects.

You can also find specific case studies on our "Book coaching" page.

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What characterises Sabine Walter as an executive coach?

With me, you are gaining an entrepreneurial personality who can look back on 25 years of management experience and more than 15 years of coaching expertise and experience in advising and developing medium-sized companies.

Trusted sparring partner and executive coach for the management.

Sabine Walter supported the management of the mediaprint group for one and a half years as part of an executive coaching and sparring programme. The aim of the initiative was the strategic reorientation of a division and the development of digital products so that these would achieve a turnover share of 15%. In order to achieve this, it was essential to digitalise processes and workflows and make changes to the organisation, but above all to the way employees and managers think. Mrs Walter was a trusted sparring partner and executive coach for the management team during this successful change process. Personally, I was impressed by the way Mrs Walter adapted to each individual manager and their challenges while working towards a common goal with impressive clarity.

Markus Trost, Managing Director of the mediaprint Group, Mehring

Inexhaustible ideas as well as expert and honest feedback.

"We took our 50th anniversary as an opportunity to realign the company IBF Ingenieure for the future. In doing so, we also wanted to take care of our internal processes around corporate and employee management.
I turned to you, Mrs Walter, for support in this process. You put us on the right track with leadership coaching, workshops for employees and for the management. Thank you very much for the trusting cooperation, your inexhaustible ideas and your expert and honest feedback.

Michael Weise, Managing Partner IBF Ingenieure Munich

Managing Director Coaching with Sabine Walter

  • Entrepreneur at eye level
  • Appreciation for people
  • 15 years of coaching experience
  • Critical sparring partner for C-level executives
  • High effectiveness

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