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Executive Coaching - netzwerk managementberatung coaching
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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching in the SME sector

Target group of our coaching offer

Our Executive Coaching is used by managing directors, board members, entrepreneurs and first-level executives. You will find us a trustworthy sparring partner for the personal development and further development of your company or team.

Occasions for Top Management Coaching

What topics and issues can you bring to Executive Coaching?

The topics and issues that we can address in the context of executive management coaching are diverse. Below are some examples:

Executive coaching for more leadership effectiveness in top management

  • How can trusting cooperation in the management / the board improve?
  • How can we work in top management better together?
  • How do we succeed in bringing cooperation in the various bodies (management, supervisory board / advisory board, shareholders) to a more trusting level?

Executive coaching for personal development

  • How do I succeed in professional reorientation?
  • How can I communicate more convincingly?
  • How can I develop my ability to deal with conflict?

Executive coaching to strengthen your leadership skills

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Executive Coaching Change Management

  • How can my company / my area be strategically realigned?
  • How can I initiate a culture change in the company / area?
  • How do we, as a sector / as a company, manage to to become agile?
  • How do I best manage the process of company succession?

No matter which topics and issues you would like to work on within the framework of our coaching, executive coaching is usually the start of a longer collaboration and in many cases the Kick off for a team or Organisational Development process.

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Coaching approach in executive Management Coaching

How do we work in coaching?

Our coaching approach is systemic-solution-focused at its core. Depending on the task, sparring, consulting and small training sessions can also be part of our service. We use the methods in such a way that the coaching goal is achieved at the end of the management coaching.

If you are only able to invest a relatively small amount of time in a coaching session, make use of Top Management Short Term Coaching. In the thirty-minute coaching session, you will receive impulses for your everyday leadership work on a very concretely formulated and well-defined issue.

Especially in longer change processes or far-reaching transformations, many managers and leaders take advantage of this offer. Every 2-3 weeks, they spend half an hour with us discussing a specific issue in the field of change management coaching.

Start of your management coaching

How does Executive Management Coaching come about?

The basis of our cooperation in Executive Management Coaching is trust. In order for this to come about, it is crucial that we get to know each other in an order clarification meeting. Questions that are the focus of this conversation are:

  • What result would you like to see at the end of the Executive Management Coaching?
  • How much time can and do you want to invest in the Executive Management Coaching?
  • Can the desired result be achieved in this time frame?
  • How would the Executive Coaching look?
  • What is important to you about the Coach/ in the coaching process?
  • What previous coaching experience do you have? What worked well in previous coaching? What was not helpful?
  • Do we like each other and do we have the feeling that we can work together in a trusting way?

If you would rather invest the half hour of an order clarification meeting in coaching, short-term coaching is an option. In this way, you can gain an impression of our work and work on a narrowly defined issue at the same time.

In preparation for a first coaching session, you will find a Checklist here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Icon Executive Coaching - netzwerk managementberatung coaching

Management Coaching in Munich - Berlin - Stuttgart for SMEs

What distinguishes our work as Executive coaches?

With us you gain personalities, most of whom have more than 15 years of coaching expertise combined with leadership, industry, organisational development and consulting experience.

The combination of systemic coachingconstellation work, conflict mediationstrategy consulting and organisational consulting sets us apart from other executive coaches and management coaches.

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Whiteboard | Leadership

Feedback geben - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching

Feedback - a leadership instrument

Feedback is one of the key leadership tools. However, many companies find it difficult to live a constructive feedback culture. Too little praise is given and critical feedback is either given in an unconstructive way or kept quiet for fear of conflict.

This article addresses three questions:

What is the benefit of constructive feedback?

What is needed for feedback to be heard and accepted?

How can feedback be provided constructively?

Dealing with low performers - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
Graphic | Lightspring on shutterstock

Dealing with Low Performers

In leadership coaching we often get the question: "What is the best way to deal with low performers?". There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Rather, it invites a differentiated view of the topic.

In this article, I address the following questions: How do you find out the cause(s) of the drop in performance or underperformance?
How can you structure and conduct an appropriate appraisal interview?
What can you do to achieve an increase in performance?

If you have found the real causes of the low performance and the measures help to eliminate them, you have a very good chance, to turn the low performer into a top performer.
Emphatic manager as coach - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
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The manager as coach

In the course of the change in the understanding of leadership and leadership styles, many companies are to Leaders also fill the role of coach.

In this article I answer the following questions:
What framework conditions enable goal-oriented and effective coaching?

Where are the limits for the leader?

Which coaching tools can be integrated into leadership work?
What opportunities does this open up?
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