Entrepreneurial Talks

How do people become what they are? What drives them? Where do they get their ideas? What visions do they have?

Developing leaders, being inspired by them or creating something creative together - that's what drives us. That is why we are in regular dialogue with impulse-giving personalities from business, art and culture.

Sabine Walter - Head of netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
Photo | Claus Pescha

Entrepreneurial talk with Sabine Walter

"Why not interview the woman who initiated this format?" thought Tomislav Bodrozic, Managing Director of Fabula Games GmbH, during his entrepreneurial talk. He thus gave Sabine Walter the chance for a change of perspective.

7 min.
Paul Helmeth - Kirimanufaktur
Photo | Paul Helmeth

Paul Helmeth in conversation with entrepreneurs

Paul Helmeth, a pilot with Lufthansa for 19 years and a real jack-of-all-trades, made a virtue of necessity this year and founded his own company, KIRIMANUFAKTUR. In an interview with Sabine Walter, he reveals the role played by closed DIY stores and various coincidences.

9 min.
Peter Haberl
Photo | Haberl

Entrepreneurial talk with Peter Haberl

"Transformations only succeed when managers and entrepreneurs are not afraid of the dent," says Peter Haberl, Managing Director of SSE Software GmbH in Augsburg. In an interview with Sabine Walter, the experienced manager talks about his way of leading and shaping, about what drives him.

11 min.
Martin Becker
Photo | Christian Back

Entrepreneurial talk with Martin Becker

Martin Becker is a partner at Drees & Sommer and, as Managing Director of RBSGROUP - part of Drees & Sommer, is committed to designing sustainable working environments. He reveals to Sabine Walter what exactly still fascinates him about his profession after 30 years.

7 min.
Dirk Schallock, E.G.O.
Photo | E.G.O.

Entrepreneurial talk with Dirk Schallock

"I run all companies like my own, with the same passion, commitment and sense of responsibility," says Dirk Schallock, CEO of the E.G.O. Group. The charismatic manager spoke to Sabine Walter in the entrepreneurial talk about what drives him, the core elements of effective leadership and about the entrepreneurial challenges of the future.

7 min.
Ewald Stephan
Photo | Sedlar & Wolff

Entrepreneurial talk with Ewald Stephan

"What I love about my job is that every day brings something new. I took my exams 43 years ago and have experienced virtually no routine since then," says Ewald Stephan, CEO of Verka VK Kirchliche Vorsorge VVaG in Berlin. In the entrepreneurial interview with Sabine Walter, Mr Stephan talks about his profession, his inner drivers and his topic of the heart, sustainability.

11 min.
Johann Schmoll
Photo | Nadine Stenzel

Entrepreneurial talk with Johann Schmoll

"Successful projects need people with the courage to lead," says Johann Schmoll, Managing Director of Prof. Burkhardt Ingenieure (PBI) GmbH & Co. KG in Munich. The entrepreneurial conversation with Sabine Walter is about values, the development of "leading wolves" and an outlook into the year 2050.

8 min.
Melanie Vinci
Photo | persona service

Entrepreneur Talk with Melanie Vinci

"As a personnel service provider, we have one of the few jobs that has the power to become more exciting, not more boring, over the years," says Melanie Vinci, member of the management board of the personnel service provider persona service. Read why she says that in this entrepreneurial interview.

10 min.
Constanze Hintze
Photo | Ina Zabel

Entrepreneurial talk with Constanze Hintze

Constanze Hintze loves working with people every day. She is a wealth management expert and managing director of Svea Kuschel + Kolleginnen financial services for women and also ventures a look into the future of her profession in the entrepreneurial interview with Sabine Walter.

6 min.
Tomislav Bodrozic, Managing Director
Photo | Markus Schweyher

Entrepreneurial talk with Tomislav Bodrozic

We conducted this entrepreneurial interview with Tomislav Bodrozic, Managing Director of Fabula Games GmbH. With his team, he develops serious games and thus contributes to making learning a pleasant and positive experience. Read this interview to find out how a serious game is created and what learning in 2050 might look like.

9 min.
Michael Weise
Photo | Andreas J. Focke

Entrepreneurial talk with Michael Weise

Michael Weise is managing partner of IBF Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Munich. He spoke with Sabine Walter about how he sees the (digital) future and why he believes that beaming can become a reality.

6 min.
Claus Pescha - netzwerk.design
Photo | Ania Lewandowska

Entrepreneurial talk with Claus Pescha

Claus Pescha, who studied geography, is a web designer with a passion. He tells Sabine Walter what parallels there are between geography and web design and how he manages to develop truly unique products for his clients.

8 min.
Lucila Pfeiffer
Photo | Javier Luna

Entrepreneur Talk with Lucila Pfeiffer

Lucila Pfeiffer is a trained chef and sommelier. In Berlin, she runs Chin-Chin, a platform for private wine tastings. She spoke to Sabine Walter about her passion, wine, and how it can bring us from the head to the heart.

7 min.
Reiner Leonhardt
Photo | Claus Pescha

Entrepreneurial talk with Reiner Leonhardt

Reiner Leonhardt is an entrepreneur and owner of the Andechs coffee roasting company. He says: "Everyone should drink the coffee they like". In his roastery on Lake Ammersee, he roasts, grinds and sells different types of coffee. All the coffee beans come exclusively from small fincas, spread throughout the (high) countries of the world. And if you want to linger, you can of course taste the coffee in the roastery.

4 min.
Kirsten Wenner
Photo | Jan Camrda

Entrepreneurial talk with Dr Kirsten Wenner

Dr Kirsten Wenner is a specialist in paediatrics and adolescent medicine as well as a neuropaediatrician. She spoke with Sabine Walter about, among other things, how many small precious moments make her profession so wonderful and why remote and online diagnostics will not become permanently established.

6 min.
Karen Funk
Photo: IDG/Foto Vogt

In conversation with Karen Funk

Karen Funk is an editor at the IDG publishing group. She has organised the renowned "CIO of the Year" competition since 2007. She spoke to Sabine Walter about what fascinates her about her job and how good journalism and democracy are connected.

4 min.
Rainer Agster
Photo | GIZ

In conversation with Rainer Agster

Rainer Agster is an environmental engineer and works as a consultant and project manager for adelphi, an independent think tank and leading consultancy on climate, environment and development. Rainer Agster spoke with Sabine Walter about his profession and how he contributes with his projects to making our world a little better.

7 min.
Entrepreneur Horst Biallowons
Photo | Horst Biallowons

Entrepreneurial talk with Horst Biallowons

Horst Biallowons is a journalist and entrepreneur with a passion. Together with his team, he runs the internet platform biallo.de. Sabine Walter spoke with him about how he turned his curiosity into a profession.

4 min.
Renate Weiss
Photo | Weiss

In conversation with Renate Weiss

Renate Weiss is the manager of the aran Café in breuningerLAND Sindelfingen. She spoke to Sabine Walter about what she loves about her job and how she manages to ensure that every guest leaves her café with a smile.

5 min.
Beate Hafner
Photo | Hafner

In conversation with Dr Beate Hafner

Dr Beate Hafner works as a "midwife" for new research ideas. She spoke to Sabine Walter about what she loves about her job and why people like her will still exist in 2050.

4 min.
Vittorio Strosek Car Designer
Photo | Anja Wechsler

In conversation with Vittorio Strosek

Vittorio Strosek is a car designer with a passion. He spoke to Sabine Walter about how he has been successfully living his childhood dream for more than 40 years.

3 min.
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