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Repartee training: "Never be speechless again".

Seminar language: German

From Greta Wonneberger and Sabine Walter

Exactly the right reaction at exactly the right moment - those who are quick-witted feel comfortable in all conversation situations and are also prepared for stress and arguments. Quick-wittedness helps us at work and in our private lives and puts us in a good mood. It requires a calm inner attitude and proven techniques. This can be trained.

In the repartee seminar "Never be speechless again" we practise how to react confidently, calmly and even wittily in dicey situations. We train effective counter statements that you can use in private and professional situations. After our training, you will understand jokes, attacks and misunderstandings as a playful challenge. You will learn to catch, redirect and deflect them - elegantly and entertainingly for successful, goal-oriented communication.

Seminar description

Train repartee

  • They remain calm and composed even in emotionally stressful situations.
  • You will master five quick techniques of repartee.
  • You argue convincingly.
  • They understand jokes, attacks and misunderstandings as a playful challenge.

In this online seminar you will work with two experienced coaches. We also use the opportunity in the web seminar, to record practice situations and look at them with you and one of the two coaches in a protected setting.. Within the framework of this individual coaching you will receive personalised feedback.

  • "Cool seminar. It was fun. I'm looking forward to using what I learned in everyday life."
  • "I learned how to counter and that was fun. Women who, like me, want to have quick-witted answers ready in professional and private situations are in the right place here."
  • "As always, top-notch! There is never a dull moment. I recommend the seminar."
  • In the training, you are 80% active as a participant. In the seminar, you link theory and practice.
  • Through diversity of methods all perceptual channels are stimulated. This increases successful learning outcomes.
  • We work on your concerns and questions. In this way, they receive answers and ideas for solutions in the training that can be implemented directly in everyday life.
  • The training covers all four psychological learning steps from attitude to skill. Through frequent practice, including online training in front of a video camera with subsequent individual analysis, and live coaching, strengths are strengthened and new approaches are internalised.

Quick-wittedness seminar "Never be speechless again".

Seminar schedule "Never again speechless" repartee training

09:00 | Welcome and introduction

09:30 | Quick-wittedness: The role of inner attitude and body language 

  • What is repartee really? 
  • Practice: Playfully demonstrate your own repartee (video recording) 
  • Video analysis and individual coaching 

10:30 | Coffee break

10:45 | Dealing with boundary violations 

  • Recognising when a line is crossed 
  • Set limits in good time

12:15 | Lunch Break

13:30 | Repartee techniques 

  • Practice: Get to know basic and fast techniques 
  • Trying out techniques (video recording) 
  • Video analysis and individual coaching 

15:00 | Coffee Break

15:15 | Creativity and Argumentation Technique 

  • Analyse and refute arguments 
  • Brain stretching exercises for more creativity

17:00 | Summary & Transfer

17:30 | End

Quick-wittedness seminar "Never be speechless again".

Training repartee - you benefit from:

  • More composure
  • Effective counter statements
  • Personal feedback
  • More assurance in surprise moments
  • Plenty of practice space to become quick-witted
  • Tips from professionals
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