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Reasons for team development

What distinguishes a dream team from a working group? How does an organisation remain healthy and competitive in the long term? How does a team manage to put the "horsepower" it has in it on the road?

Companies, whose entrepreneurial success is not the result of tightly controlled ratios and hard effort, but "merely" the result of a trusting, appreciative, innovative and goal-oriented cooperation are exactly that: a Dream Team.

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Forming just such a team or building the unique organisation that meets the criteria of a Dream Team is a continuous process and a daily challenge.

Especially in medium-sized companies with up to 150 employees, the way teams work together is crucial for economic success. Demotivation, internal resignation of individual employees or absences due to illness, which are caused by a bad team atmosphere or mobbing, for example, are immediately noticeable in a reduced performance of the entire company.

We, experienced leaders, organisational developers, mediators, trainers and executive coaches, accompany such team development processes very successfully.

How does cooperation come about?

Team development for management and leadership teams

The focus of our performance in the area of team development lies in the development of management and leadership teams. If cooperation at the top management level works, it usually also becomes easier to work together throughout the company.

How do we proceed?

1. Comprehensive clarification of the assignment

We take appropriate time for an order clarification,. In this, we want to understand four central aspects, among others:

  • What do you want to see at the end of the development process?
  • What are you giving up?
  • What do you gain?
  • Why is it necessary to start this process right now?

2. Meaningful team analysis

At the beginning of a development process, we recommend starting with a team analysis. In doing so, we draw on various analysis modules. Within the framework of the basic analysis, we look at 18 criteria of successful teams and analyse how strongly these are pronounced in your team and how homogeneously these criteria are perceived by the individual team members.

Your benefit from the team analysis:

What do you get from such an analysis? On the one hand, you get a meaningful overview of the strengths and development areas of your team and receive concrete recommendations for action from us. On the other hand, the acceptance of downstream measures and necessary changes by the employees increases significantly, as they were part of the team development process from the beginning.

our expertise for your teams

  • Excellent perception for the "invisible
  • empathy
  • Profound systemic expertise
  • Visible successes for everyday team life

Team development:
Our expertise - your benefit

There are many companies that accompany team development processes. Why should you get in touch with us? Four important factors speak for this:

Excellent perception for hidden team constellations and

Every team consists of official and unofficial structures. These unofficial structures are very transparent in some teams, in other teams they are rather hidden. We question the seemingly obvious, and notice and thematise the unsaid. We see the individual and look at the whole. Only when all things are on the table can we achieve sustainable change.

With empathy to the development of potential

We invite every single team member and, of course, the associated managers, to grow outside their individual comfort zone. With a lot of empathy, we manage to formulate this invitation in such a way that everyone can engage with it. In doing so, we challenge the individual in the "growth zone" without overtaxing him or her, and we promote individual potential so that self-esteem and self-confidence can grow.

Profound systemic expertise

We have a distinct systemic understanding and a very good perception of team dynamics. Both enable us to get to the "nitty gritty" faster so that work can be done with it.

We use challenges and resistance, which experience has shown to occur in team development processes, productively for the further development of the team and the strengthening of the basis of trust.

Visible success in everyday life

We have our own leadership and industry experience. This ensures the necessary pragmatism in the process and leads to applicable solutions.

In the workshops we pay attention to clarity and commitment and thus secure tangible results and the transfer into everyday life. If necessary, we hold regular retrospectives to monitor the implementation of the measures and document successes.

Team development Customer feedback

"Team development with Sabine Walter and her team is difficult to describe. You have to experience it."

This is often the conclusion of the participants after the workshops. They feel that a lot has developed within them, in their cooperation and as a team. They see how much has been achieved and what concrete results there are. They remember trust exercises, creative exchange, constructive arguments and honest appreciation. And they start their next working day confident that they have achieved something that will last.

Customer feedback

I didn't think we could do it in such a short time! And somehow you always did exactly what we needed as a group.

Team member I&T, E.G.O. Group, Oberderdingen

Convince yourself that we are the right ones for you:

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Leading and moderating meetings - management consulting | coaching
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Teambuilding - The path to trustful cooperation

At the start of the year, many teams are working on the measures and priority issues that should be on the content agenda for the new year.

Too little attention is paid, in our opinion, to the interpersonal component. But we all know that if there are problems with cooperation, the substantive issues also make slow progress. Therefore, in this article you will get concrete approaches on how to improve the culture in your team.
Team development in medium-sized businesses - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
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Team development in small and medium-sized enterprises

Team development in SMEs should be a matter for the boss, as a healthy team culture for these companies is of central economic importance is.

If this team culture is missing, demotivation, a drop in performance, internal resignation, high absenteeism and ultimately also external resignation are almost inevitable consequences.

We explain, how you recognise a healthy team culture and what you can do to trusting team culture in your company to develop.
Team and organisational development: Team exercise to put a stick on the floor together with the fingers - netzwerk managementberatung coaching
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Back to the office: focus on team development

The need for a structured Team development grows. Especially in the current period, when many months of home office have caused communication, cohesion and collaboration to dwindle in some teams, returning to the corporate office requires a fresh start to some extent.

We recommend that you also take time for this outside of your daily office routine and outline in this article how a "new beginning" can succeed.If you would like to start this new beginning on the basis of a well-founded analysis of your current situation in the team, our Team analysis be an entry point into the process of team development.
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