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Greta Wonneberger - Communication trainer

Rhetoric trainer, author
Inspiring trainer, clear in ideas and actions, creative

Communicate clearly and compellingly

Presentation Coach & Author

Greta Wonneberger studied journalism and now devotes her time to further education both in Germany and internationally. She works with politicians, academics, doctors, teachers, and students to improve their writing and speaking skills.

Greta Wonneberger - Rhetoric Trainer in the Berlin Metropolitan Region

Communicate with Wit and Humor

The experienced presentation coach, lecturer, and author embodies clear and convincing communication. Greta primarily uses her experience as a journalist to support workshop attendees in learning fun, effective, and target group-oriented communication techniques. One area she focuses on is clarity. In her workshops, she shows attendees how they can make complex content clear and understandable. She helps them prepare for speeches, presentations, meetings, and facilitation activities, as well as writing different types of text.

Greta Wonneberger

Professional Experience

Greta studied journalism and philosophy at Dortmund University, the University of Jyväskylä, and San Francisco State. When she finished her studies, she became deputy project manager at Initiative Deutsche Sprache gGmbH. She has had several roles since 2009, including a trainer for the non-profit organization Hertie-Stiftung for their ‘Jugend debattiert’ project, which is the biggest publicly and privately funded project on political and linguistic education in Germany, under the auspices of the German Federal President.

Greta Wonneberger

Strengths: Clear Content, Engaging Delivery

Greta is an empathetic communications expert, creative collaborator, and sparring partner for executives and future leaders. Her years of experience mean she can quickly grasp new topics and adapt her approach for new sectors and companies. She is a seasoned trainer who can immediately identify other people’s strengths and talents. Her respectful and approachable style get her clients motivated, so she can quickly unlock their potential.

Greta Wonneberger


  • Approachable
  • Motivating
  • Creative
  • Empathic
  • are clearly

Core Skills

  • Training
  • Training program design
  • Designing and creating teaching materials
  • One-on-one consultancy
  • Professional writing
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Event facilitation
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