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Leading and moderating meetings

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From Sabine Walter

Meetings take up a very large part of everyday working life. Very few of them are productive and achieve the desired result in the allotted time. This is also due to the fact that they are poorly prepared and inadequately managed.

In this online seminar "Leading and facilitating meetings" we look at three crucial influencing factors: preparation, opening and facilitation.

Seminar description

Leading and moderating meetings

  • You know how to prepare meetings in a targeted manner.
  • You will learn how to open a meeting in a participatory and motivating way.
  • You train different moderation techniques.
  • They practise strategies to rebut resistance and respond confidently to killer phrases.

As a follow-up to the seminar, you can book personal one-to-one coaching with 40% discount.

  • "The online seminar is very practical. We practiced a lot, also in small groups and got concrete tips for our meetings."
  • "The Trainer has a very refreshing and motivating manner. The relaxed atmosphere made it easier for me to open up and ask my questions."
  • "Thank you very much for the refreshing seminar. The Trainer responded very flexibly to our questions and concerns. I got valuable tips for my meetings which I will implement."
  • In the training, you are 80% active as a participant. In the seminar, you link theory and practice.
  • Through diversity of methods all perceptual channels are stimulated. This increases successful learning outcomes.
  • We work on your concerns and questions. In this way, they receive answers and ideas for solutions in the training that can be implemented directly in everyday life.
  • The training covers all four psychological learning steps from attitude to skill.

Online seminar on the topic of meeting techniques

Course of the seminar "Leading and moderating meetings

09:00 | Welcome and introduction

09:30 | Prepare meetings purposefully 

  • What factors contribute to a productive meeting culture? 
  • What should be considered when planning and preparing meetings?
  • What information must be included in an invitation to an appointment?
  • How should an agenda be formulated so that it subconsciously helps the participants prepare for the meeting?
  • Practice: Prepare your own meeting
  • Practice: Formulate an appointment invitation and agenda and get feedback on it

10:30 | Coffee break

10:45 | Opening meetings in a motivating way 

  • What is involved in a motivating opening?
  • How can I create an atmosphere of trust even in a virtual setting?
  • What do I have to consider as a meeting leader in order to be convincing right from the opening?
  • Practice: Opening a meeting in a motivating way and getting feedback on it

12:15 | Lunch Break

13:30 | Training moderation techniques 

  • How do I use the different facilitation techniques with confidence?
  • How can I get quiet people to talk?
  • How do I deal with frequent speakers?
  • How can I steer discussions towards a decision or outcome?
  • How can I record results appropriately?
  • Practice: Practising moderation techniques and getting feedback on them

15:00 | Coffee Break

15:15 | Dealing with resistance and disruptions confidently 

  • How do I recognise resistance in a meeting?
  • What can be the causes of resistance? 
  • How do you lead resistance to a solution?
  • Practice: Dealing with critical questions confidently
  • Practice: Rebutting killer phrases

16:30 | Summary & Transfer

17:00 | End

Leadership seminar

Leading and facilitating meetings - you benefit from:

  • Methods, tips & tricks for a more productive meeting culture
  • Practice room for opening and conducting meetings
  • Personal feedback
  • Concrete strategies to overcome resistance and rebut killer phrases
  • Tips from professionals for better meeting facilitation
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