Sebastian Brumm - Organisational Consultant

Sebastian Brumm, organisational developer - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
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Trainer and consultant for communication
Creative freethinker, goal-driven, empathetic

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Agile leadership and transformation support

Highly Experienced Executive and Communications Expert

Sebastian Brumm combines business know-how with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is also a communications expert and experienced leader. As a trainer and facilitator, he attaches great importance to solution-focused communication and encourages people with his open and humorous style. He uses these insights to train, facilitate, and advise organizations in developing their collaboration skills and implementing transformation projects. He shares this expertise with businesses, associations, and civil society initiatives.

Sebastian Brumm - Consultant for Agile Leadership in the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region

Clear on the matter - convincing in tone

Sebastian believes that: “Fruitful collaboration is built on clear, transparent communication and a constant focus on goals and results. The same applies whether you’re working in the short term for projects or for the long term in organizations.” He uses this philosophy to train clients to solve complex problems as a team and embed autonomous ways of working.

Sebastian Brumm

Professional Experience

After completing his degree in economics at the University of Tübingen, Sebastian worked in the communications and events industry, collaborating with a range of clients in a variety of projects. This dynamic field of marketing requires clear phrasing and compelling messaging, which are to be delivered properly even when time is short. He was responsible for international clients as an account director and head of department.

Sectors he has worked with include automotive, finance, and the public sectors. The key to his success was supporting new and young team members in their development.

In April 2019 he began using his expertise to help found his own social impact business. Collaborating with his founding partners at nowwork, he is working to bring skills for designing sustainable development into the world of work with the aim of strengthening autonomy for organizations and employees.

Sebastian Brumm

Strengths: Achieving Lasting Learning Outcomes through Humor and a Strong Focus on Practical Application

Sebastian’s motivational style encourages participants to view change and challenges as opportunities. His humor helps him to keep attendees focused and spark their joy of learning in his workshops. What the participants learn sticks with them thanks to the many opportunities to get hands on in his training sessions.

Sebastian Brumm


  • Clear
  • Target-oriented
  • Humorous
  • Motivating
  • Entrepreneurial

Core Skills

  • Agile Leadership
  • Training
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Change Management support
  • Decision-making culture
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