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Zarah Speck - Career Coach, Personnel Developer

Human Resources Developer, Career Coach
Excellent listener, empathic and structuring


Personal Development Consultant and Coach

Zarah Speck is passionate about personal development. She creates training and academy concepts and helps professionals and managers to develop themselves. Zarah’s main objective is for the results of her coaching and training sessions to be incorporated into the day-to-day work of professionals and executives.

Zarah Speck - Leadership Trainer & Coach in the Frankfurt Metropolitan Region

Letting Your Personality Shine

In her role as a trainer and a coach, Zarah helps her clients achieve their goals, focusing on the resources, talents, and strengths they already have. “You are valuable as you are,” Zarah says. “I want my participants to see their own value and start making a targeted effort to make their dreams and goals a reality. And that’s where I come in.” As an accomplished personal development consultant, Zarah combines the corporate perspective with her experience as a freelance trainer and coach, something that our clients appreciate greatly in their career coaching sessions.

Zarah Speck - Personnel Developer

Professional Experience

Zarah studied International Business - Intercultural Management at the DHBW Mosbach. After her studies, she took over the project management for an international training programme in the international human resources department of Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG, she was project manager for an international training programme. In addition, she took over the management of various projects and was responsible for the development programme for managing directors. In parallel, Zarah Speck successfully completed her trainer training (BDVT) and subsequently applied this expertise first at Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG and, from 2018, at Blanc & Fischer Familienholding. Furthermore, Zarah Speck added a certification as a systemic business coach (BDVT/ Freiburg Institute) to her range of competences.

In 2020, she took over as Head of Business and Organisational Development of the start-up company Keilbach Befestigungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG together with her business partner, where she shaped the further development and growth of the company through effective leadership. Subsequently, Zarah Speck immersed herself in the world of adhesive bonding in her next career step as a sales manager, where she also demonstrated extreme skill in dealing with change processes, restructuring and empathic leadership.

She has already joined our network as a part-time business trainer and coach in 2019. Since 2022, she has also devoted herself full-time to her passion for training and coaching.

Zarah Speck

Strengths: Attentive Listening – Clear Focus

Zarah is quick to create a supportive atmosphere for her coaching clients, whether in person or by phone. She has a clear objective in mind and is a very attentive listener, identifying the key points and asking just the right questions to highlight what may not be immediately apparent, making room for the important aspects, and helping the client achieve their goal in a reasonable time.

Zarah Speck


  • Encouraging
  • Empathic
  • Clear and methodical
  • Energetic
  • Motivating

Core Skills

  • Executive coaching
  • Management training
  • Development program design
  • Leadership Development
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