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Seminar Confidently Conducting Staff Appraisals

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From Sabine Walter

In many companies, staff appraisals are scheduled at the beginning of the new year. And although they are a central management tool, they often lead a neglected existence.
Main reason number one: Well-managed appraisal interviews require time. 

In this seminar we focus on three aspects: "What is part of good interview preparation? "How can you conduct appraisal interviews at eye level?" and "What are the potential pitfalls and how can you avoid them?

Seminar description

Leadership seminar "Confidently conducting staff appraisals

  • You can directly prepare your upcoming appraisal interviews in the seminar. 
  • You have internalised the three phases of targeted preparation for staff appraisals.
  • You are able to conduct staff appraisals confidently and at eye level.
  • You retain your composure even in difficult conversations.
  • You know how to prepare meetings in a targeted manner.
  • You will learn how to open a meeting in a participatory and motivating way.
  • You train different moderation techniques.
  • They practise strategies to rebut resistance and respond confidently to killer phrases.

As a follow-up to the seminar, you can book personal one-to-one coaching with 40% discount.

  • "Very expert trainer, who addressed questions and concerns individually. I recommend this seminar."
  • "I have already attended a similar seminar in our company. In this seminar, I particularly liked the fact that I could address my "problem cases" very openly, as the persons were not known."
  • "Interview preparation is half the battle. I became aware of that once again in this seminar. Thank you very much for that.“
  • In the training, you are 80% active as a participant. In the seminar, you link theory and practice.
  • Through diversity of methods all perceptual channels are stimulated. This increases successful learning outcomes.
  • We train on your concerns and issues. You receive directly realisable solution ideas.
  • The training covers all four psychological learning steps from attitude to skill.

Leadership seminar "Confidently conducting staff appraisals

Course of the seminar "Confidently conducting staff appraisals

09:00 | Welcome and introduction

09:30 | Prepare staff appraisals in a targeted manner 

  • Understanding the three pillars of conversation preparation 
  • Get to know a discussion structure for an appraisal interview
  • Practice: Prepare staff appraisals 

10:30 | Coffee break

10:45 | Prepare and conduct staff appraisals in a targeted manner 

  • Collegial counselling: Reflect on and receive feedback on the preparation in small groups
  • Practice: Integrating impulses into one's own preparation
  • Practice: Conduct an appraisal interview and receive feedback on it

12:15 | Lunch Break

13:30 | Conducting employee appraisals and dealing with resistance confidently 

  • Consolidate rhetorical tools for conducting conversations
  • Conduct staff appraisals with different levels of difficulty
  • Receive feedback on this
  • Understand causes of resistance and learn strategies to minimise it.
  • Practice: Leading resistance to resolution and receiving feedback on it  

15:00 | Coffee Break

15:15 | Supervisor Feedback 

  • Understanding the benefits of supervisor feedback
  • Encourage and deal professionally with supervisor feedback

17:00 | Summary & Transfer

17:30 | End

Leadership Training "Confidently Conducting Staff Appraisals

Conducting employee appraisals professionally - you benefit from:

  • Guided preparation of your upcoming talks
  • Exchange with other managers
  • Personal feedback from the peers and the experienced trainer
  • Conversation structures for your conversations
  • Exercise room
  • Tips from a professional on how to avoid stumbling blocks in the interview process

You can read more about this topic in our Blog post Conduct employee appraisals.

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