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Coaching | Personality Development

How to put your development in the fast lane.

By Claudia Janda and Sabine Walter

Imagine you take part in a seminar and afterwards you are able to recall what you have learned in your everyday life. Even when things get stressful and you don't have time to think. 

You are able to react calmly and level-headedly in conflict situations, you keep the thread in your speeches and presentations and also react confidently off the cuff. You love it when others test your quick-wittedness and counter with looseness and humour instead of with a high red head. You not only know theoretically how to be in control of your time, but also manage to focus on the essentials in everyday life and to organise your daily routine in a relaxed manner?

Utopia? No. Reality.With our integrated further training offer. To Learning and development successes permanently to achieve this, we work, among other things, with Neuroscientific body coaching.

Neuroscientific body coaching uses the latest methods of brain research. In coaching, neuronal networks and structures that hinder personal development and keep us in old patterns are permanently dissolved. Daily 1-minute exercises between coaching sessions support the formation of new synapses. This leads to positive changes in body and psyche after only a short time. In addition, newly learned skills can be recalled more quickly and especially under stress. Learning and change successes are lasting.

Results of the coaching are for example:

  • Higher self-confidence even in critical situations
  • Improved conflict and teamwork skills
  • More open attitude towards change
  • Increased physical well-being
  • Fewer sick days
  • Burnout prevention
  • Distinct stress resistance

If you too want to move into the fast lane with your development, take advantage of our Coaching for personality development.

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