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Time management tips for managers

Mark Twain put it in a nutshell: "If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done." In our experience, time management is a perennial favourite in training courses and guidebooks. And: it is the topic that very few people manage to their personal satisfaction in the long term. Perhaps you recognise yourself when you read the first few lines and the question creeps into your head: "What will it take for me to get it done?" And the voice continues to whisper: "I would like to be master of my time. I would like to get off the hamster wheel and go through life in a more relaxed and self-determined way."

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Two levels for better time management

The good news: it's possible! And it works permanently if you develop on two levels:

  1. Create structure
  2. Dissolve the patterns in your cells that keep torpedoing a relaxed daily routine.

Time management tips according to the David Allen method

To create structure, David Allen's method "How I get things done" offers a very good basis. Here are the essential tips at a glance:

  1. Do things that only take 2 minutes immediately.
  2. You write down the rest. And everything, really everything - professional and private.
  3. For each task to be done, realistically estimate the time it will take you to complete it. Add 25% buffer.
  4. Schedule all these tasks in your calendar. This way you can see directly whether your time is even sufficient for all the tasks.
  5. If not: leave things out, hand them in, delegate, move the deadline, make it 80%-ish instead of 150%-ish.
  6. Plan travel times, also between meetings.
  7. Start and end meetings on time.

Release blocking beliefs

Beliefs such as "I have to be perfect" can also torpedo our time management. As part of our executive coaching, we work on these with the aim of dissolving them.

This means that in this coaching we work on the causes why you find time management so difficult. Do you find it difficult to say no? Do you find it difficult to focus and concentrate on the important things? Are you a master of perfection?

There are many patterns that prevent us from moving through the day at an appropriate pace and still being successful. If we sustainably dissolve these patterns, we can stay true to our time management and get things done, even when things are busy.

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