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360-degree feedback - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
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360 degree feedback

Structured feedback as an element of goal-oriented Leadership development

Our 360° feedback offers managers and executives the opportunity, to get a comprehensive picture of their leadership skills. For the feedback we offer via a GDPR-compliant online survey tool offers both a proven standard questionnaire and a customised survey.

The 360 degree feedback can also be used in preparation for a management audit.

Definition 360° feedback

What is 360 degree feedback?

The 360° feedback is an instrument which evaluates observable behaviour at the workplace from different perspectives. These perspectives are:

  • Self-assessment
  • Feedback from the employees
  • Feedback from colleagues (peers)
  • Feedback from the supervisor

If these different assessments are superimposed, blind spots in one's own perception are made visible. These blind spots can be strengths that one does not perceive as strengths. Or they are areas of development that one has not yet recognised as such.

Furthermore, this feedback shows whether a person behaves congruently in the interaction with the different hierarchy levels or whether the behaviour towards one's own team differs from that towards colleagues and superiors.

The 360° feedback process

How does 360 degree feedback work?

A 360° feedback process comprises eight steps:

  • Deciding on a questionnaire and the language of the survey: Which competencies should be considered? Which behaviour in the workplace should be assessed? Should the survey be conducted in German or English?
  • Selection of feedback providers: Who can provide meaningful feedback on the behaviour in question?
  • Addressing the feedback givers and obtaining the OK: "I would like to go through a 360° feedback and would like to ask you for feedback within this framework. May I do that?
  • Start of 360° feedback in the online tool
  • Create the feedback providers in the online tool
  • Completion of self-assessment and assessment by others: The answers given in the external assessment are confidential.
  • Preparation of a report on the results and analysis of the responses
  • Evaluation interview The evaluation interview is conducted with one of our coaches and lasts between 1-2 hours, depending on the questionnaire.

Occasions for 360° feedback

When is 360 degree feedback useful?

Constructive and regular feedback is elementary for the personal and professional development of specialists and managers. There are different points in time within the framework of an Organisational or Leadership Development at which 360° feedback provides concrete added value:

Assessment of the situation and conception of a leadership development programme

Before starting an executive coaching or defining a tailor-made training programme, a 360° feedback provides information about strengths and areas of development. It is the starting point for targeted further development.

Management audit

As part of a management audit, 360° feedback reflects which leadership and management competencies of a future role are already fulfilled and what development potential a leader has.

Changing the leadership culture

If the leadership culture in a company is to be changed, 360° feedback maps very well which key competencies of this new culture are already mastered by which managers.

Regular feedback and evaluation process

Ideally, the 360° feedback is not only carried out once but at regular intervals, e.g. annually. In this way, development steps become visible.

What is the benefit of 360 degree feedback?

Not only the feedback recipient benefits from the results of a 360 degree feedback. Supervisors, the team and the company also have a concrete benefit:

  • 360° feedback promotes a constructive feedback culture.
  • 360° feedback forms the basis for targeted training and development measures.
  • 360° feedback makes successes visible in terms of a change in leadership culture.
  • Feedback recipient receives an overview of strengths and areas for development as well as blind spots.
  • The feedback recipient develops concrete measures for his or her own further development.
  • 360° feedback can help build self-awareness and self-confidence.
  • Competency expectations are clarified by the questionnaires.
  • Feedback is given in a targeted manner and not just in passing.
  • Supervisor can promote targeted development on the basis of the results report.
  • The feedback can be given anonymously. This is particularly beneficial for teams that do not yet have a solid basis of trust with their own leaders.
  • The team benefits when the leader changes certain behaviours as a result of the feedback.
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