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Break your chains and show what you are.

From Sabine Walter, Head of netzwerk managementberatung | coaching

The American top manager and former chairman of Chrysler Lee Iacocca put it this way: "I'm talking about people with fire in their eyes: you only have to look at them to know they're good." And he was expressing what we feel when we are in regular conversation with personalities. After interviewing various personalities from very different areas of business and science, art and culture for our series "Das netzwerk im Gespräch mit ...", we asked ourselves the question: "What unites these people - despite their differences?"

Development of potential

What makes personalities what they are?

The answer is:

  • They burn for what they do. You have fire in your eyes and in your heart, and Infect others with their enthusiasm.
  • They have clear values and act accordingly.
  • They consciously think laterallyquestion and convince.
  • They are bursting with ideas and have the urge to continuously develop things further. You want to change something.
  • They have courage, Courage to be a pioneer. Courage to swim against the tide.
  • They have clear goals and are Open to opportunities that present themselves on the way to the goal. The path does not always have to lead straight ahead.

The personalities we spoke to, are motivated out of themselvesThey give themselves their own incentives. They are their own engine. You care about the causenot for themselves. Advancing a cause, arguing for a cause, making an idea better, introducing a new idea - for the sake of the cause, not for the sake of recognition. The Recognition is a by-product.

Fear of rejection as a brake on one's own development

With the tasks that our society has to cope with, we need many different personalities who fight for the good cause. It helps to realise that each one of us has the potential to do this. Because: Everyone is a personality with very individual characteristics, strengths and talents. Only some of us lack the courage to in all its glory to show themselves to others as they are. Often from Fear of rejection.

This fear is one of the strongest brakes in our personality development. Fear of rejection is a Corset in thought and action. It contributes significantly to people distancing themselves from themselves and slipping into burnout in the ever-faster hamster wheel.

If we want to develop further - each for himself and society as a whole - we have to free ourselves from this fear. Because only then will we be courageous to dare even unimaginable things and to go new ways. To conclude with the words of another American automotive personality, I quote Henry Ford: "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." 

Have the courage to face your fear - our Management Coaching provides a secure framework for this.

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