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Claudia Hagen - Executive Coach

Executive coach, HR Manager
Implementation-strong, empathic and mediating

Executive coaching and HR consulting in the Berlin metropolitan region

Experienced executive and HR manager

Companies that want to restructure their HR department or develop further as an employer and increase the leadership effectiveness in the organization will find a competent contact person in Claudia Hagen. With her holistic view of the organization, she succeeds in setting up the HR department in such a way that its structures and processes are fit for the future.

Claudia Hagen Executive Coach

Human resource management in a holistic way

Successful human resources work is reflected in the fact that potential employees of a company are developed and retained in the company and that suitable talents are recruited for the company within a reasonable period of time. This also requires that a (management) culture prevails in the company, which has a positive effect on employee retention and the development of potential.

In order for this to succeed, Claudia Hagen advocates that HR managers take a close look at the business model, the challenges facing the company and the market, and build up a stable basis of trust with managers. Only then will they be accepted as sparring partners at eye level.

This is why Claudia Hagen’s special focus, in addition to reorganizing HR departments and HR processes, is on advising managers to reflect on their own leadership behavior and to increase the effectiveness of their leadership. She also consistently advocates an interdisciplinary staffing of teams and supports managers in solving any conflicts that may arise in a sustainable manner. Because: Claudia Hagen is convinced that solutions become more robust and sustainable when different perspectives and experiences are incorporated into their development. This works best in diverse teams.

Claudia Hagen

Professional Experience

Claudia Hagen completed her business studies as Diplom-Betriebswirtin (BA) and as Master of Business Administration (MBA) with distinction. She has over twenty years of professional experience in the financial services industry. Among other things, she successfully built up management development in a medium-sized company as a project manager. During her more than ten years as HR manager, she was closely involved in strategy development, restructured the HR department, continuously developed it and led her team in a trusting and strength-oriented manner.

Flanked by business coaching training, the focus was on advising the board and executives, which led to a sustainable improvement in leadership. Training as a certified HR manager rounds off her profile.

Claudia Hagen - trustworthy sparring partner for C-level managers

Strengths: Expert in the field of human resources – executor, emphatic, mediator

With her positive energy and genuine interest in the concerns of her interlocutor, Claudia Hagen very quickly succeeds in establishing a trusting relationship that enables immediate concentrated work.

She is an experienced sparring partner for board members and executives and, with her holistic view of people and the organisation, brings clarity to complex situations and points out new paths.

Claudia Hagen


  • Solution-focused
  • Strong in implementation
  • Sustainable thinking and acting
  • Empathic
  • Motivating
  • Balancing and mediating

Core Skills

  • Strategic sparring of management, board members and executives on personnel issues
  • Reorganisation of personnel departments
  • Consulting on personnel processes
  • Further development and implementation of management tools
  • Leadership
  • Executive coaching
  • Professional conflict management
  • Mentoring
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