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Our Online Coaching for Managers and Executives

Our Executive Coaching is aimed at boards of management, managing directors, first-level executives and entrepreneurs.

The questions that you can bring into the coaching are broad and lie in the areas of Personality development, Leadership, communication and change management / transformation.

Duration of our Online Coaching sessions

We offer the following duration for our virtual coaching sessions:

  • 30 minutes (short-term coaching)
  • 90 minutes
  • 120 minutes

Short-term coaching is used by many clients both as an entry into a joint collaboration as well as for stimulus during the collaboration on clearly definable issues.

Checklist for the preparation of your Coaching

The following questions will help you to prepare the coaching so that we can use the time productively and in your best interest:

  • Which issue is at the centre of the coaching?
  • What result do I want to have achieved at the end of the coaching?
  • What does the coach need to know at the beginning or in the run-up to the coaching in order to be able to advise me well regarding this issue?
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Possible topics for your Management Coaching

The following questions could be the content of a management coaching session.

  • Developing your own personality
    • How do I manage to remain authentic in my role?
    • How can I act even more in line with my values in these challenging times?
    • How can I rediscover my own inner security?
    • How do I find my way back to self-determination?
  • Plan entry into a new leadership role
    • Who should I get to know before I start?
    • What do I tell my new team on the first day?
    • How do I communicate my expectations?
    • How do I quickly create a culture of trust in the team?
  • Prepare change communication
    • How do I structure the speech for the staff?
    • Are the central messages understandable?
    • How do I succeed in making it clear why we have to take this path?
    • What questions might arise and what do I answer?
  • Prepare a strategically important conversation
    • How do I structure the conversation so that it is understandable for my conversation partner?
    • Is my central message getting through?
    • What questions might arise and how do I deal with them?
    • How do I deal with resistance? How can I overcome it?
    • How do I manage to convince my interlocutor of my approach / proposal?
  • Aspects and success factors of organisational development
    • How would we have to change our organisation to become more agile?
    • What opportunities are there to further develop our leadership culture?
    • How do we succeed in dovetailing culture and strategy?
    • How do we win over advisory board / shareholders for this cultural transformation?
  • Discussing company succession in family businesses
    • How do we best shape this process of business succession?
    • How do we manage that our family system is not damaged when one of my children succeeds me?
    • When do we inform the employees?
    • How can we ensure that I am accepted as a successor and not just a "son/daughter of the boss"?

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