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Making meetings successful through active participation

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From Sabine Walter

Meetings take up a very large part of everyday working life. Very few of them are productive and achieve the desired result in the allotted time. This is also due to the fact that they are poorly prepared and inadequately managed.

In this online seminar, we deliberately take the perspective of the participants and teach them how they can achieve constructive meetings through specific leading questions and convincing contributions.

Seminar description "Making meetings successful through active participation".

Making meetings successful through active participation

  • You know how to prepare for meetings in a purposeful way.
  • You will learn what you can do in the run-up to the meeting to improve productivity.
  • You train how to convincingly introduce your own ideas and suggestions.
  • They practice rebutting objections and killer phrases.
  • You will learn how to use leading questions to specifically bring other participants back to the thread and steer discussions towards a decision.

As a follow-up to the seminar, you can book personal one-to-one coaching with 40% discount.

  • "I received concrete tips on how I can increase my presence in meetings, even if I am not the meeting leader or expert on the subject."
  • "The trainer made us all actively cooperate and lured us charmingly out of our comfort zone. The training was fun."
  • "Well done! Small group, practical content, lots of exercises. In addition, the Trainer responded very flexibly to our questions and concerns. I recommend the seminar to anyone who is annoyed by unproductive meetings, but don't know what they can change."
  • In the training, you are 80% active as a participant. In the seminar, you link theory and practice.
  • Through diversity of methods all perceptual channels are stimulated. This increases successful learning outcomes.
  • We work on your concerns and questions. In this way, they receive answers and ideas for solutions in the training that can be implemented directly in everyday life.
  • The training covers all four psychological learning steps from attitude to skill.

Online seminar on the topic of meetings

Seminar schedule "Making meetings successful through active participation".

09:00 | Welcome and introduction

09:30 | Prepare meetings purposefully 

  • How can I prepare well for a meeting as a participant? 
  • What information do I necessarily have to ask for beforehand in order to know whether I really have to attend the meeting?

10:30 | Coffee break

10:45 | Present your own ideas convincingly 

  • How do I introduce ideas confidently and in a target group-specific way?
  • How do I speak convincingly?
  • How do I deal with questions and objections confidently?
  • Practice: Conveying your own ideas convincingly and receiving feedback on them

12:15 | Lunch Break

13:30 | Being present in meetings 

  • How do I actively shape meetings and discussions?
  • How do I take the floor with confidence?
  • How can I charmingly interrupt frequent speakers?
  • How do I manage to confidently represent my own point of view even in the face of differences of opinion?
  • How can I build alliances in meetings?
  • Practice: Actively participate in a meeting sequence

15:00 | Coffee Break

15:15 | Leading Destructive Colleagues to a Constructive Culture of Conversation 

  • How do I recognise resistance in a meeting?
  • What can be the causes of resistance? 
  • How do you lead resistance to a solution?
  • Practice: Rebutting killer phrases

16:30 | Summary & Transfer

17:00 | End

Leadership seminar

Actively participate in meetings - you benefit from:

  • Methods, tips & tricks for a more productive meeting culture
  • Practice space to convincingly contribute your own ideas and speeches
  • Personal feedback
  • Concrete strategies to rebut killer phrases
  • Tips for being present in meetings even if you cannot contribute much in terms of content
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