Alexandra Jelen

Alexandra Jelen, Agile Coach - netzwerk managementberatung | coaching
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Agile leadership, project management
Visionary leader, methodical, communicative

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Agile leadership and project management

Experienced Consultant and Executive

Alexandra Jelen is in her element in a digital and agile environment. An experienced manager, Alexandra has spent over ten years promoting and developing digital business models, working in sectors that are heavily impacted by digital transformation. She embraces change and welcomes innovation. In her roles as a manager, interim manager, freelance project manager, and consultant, Alexandra’s ability to think strategically and approach work in a structured way has enabled her to overcome complex challenges and make projects successful.

Alexandra Jelen - Management Consultant in the Düsseldorf Metropolitan Region

Agility Is a Mindset

“You can only succeed as part of a team” is a mindset that influences how Alexandra works. For her, agility is identifying the strengths and expertise of team members and harnessing them for targeted impact. Helping team members to develop their skills, working as a team on pertinent topics, and reaching objectives together. And all of that combined with mutual respect, commitment, courage, and a willingness to identify obstacles and explore new directions.

Alexandra Jelen

Professional Experience

After undertaking business communication training, Alexandra studied part time to obtain an MBA. At the same time, she was running an online portal and managing e-commerce projects, during which time she started working with agile methods for the first time. As a manager, she supervised and coached a team in email management and social media care.

Alexandra’s roles as a consultant and interim manager saw her draw up and develop digital business models, digital products, and online services. She supports organizations with their digital transformation and encourages employees to be bold, open, focused, and conscientious during the process.

Alexandra Jelen

Strengths: Achieving Objectives with Creativity and Efficiency

Alexandra is all about innovative ideas, creative solutions, and practical concepts. She has a clear idea of the market and her clients’ needs. Alexandra uses her strategic thinking skills and structured approach to get her clients straight to where they want to be and achieve the results they want.

Alexandra Jelen


  • Creative
  • Target-oriented
  • Effective
  • Methodical
  • Practical

Core Skills

  • Agile Leadership
  • Developing and implementing digital business models
  • Strategy development
  • change management
  • Project management
  • Interim management
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Digital transformation
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