Sabine Walter

Executive Coaching und organizational development

Successful Entrepreneur and Executive Coach

Sabine Walter is an accomplished entrepreneur, organizational consultant, and executive coach. She has been at the helm of the ‘netzwerk managementberatung | coaching’ consultant network since 2008, where she and her team of seasoned experts help SMEs and their executives with their development. Her work centers around three core questions:

  • “How do we strengthen trust in the organization?”
  • “How do we become and remain a top-performing team?”
  • “How can we make our leadership more effective in the organization and help each person to use their self-efficacy to its full potential to achieve common goals?”

Sabine Walter

Effective Leadership as a Foundation for Successful Companies

Effective leadership is essential for a business to be successful. This means constantly reconciling three elements: market and society, your own organization, and people.

Most of Sabine’s projects focus on creating this harmony so that it leads to satisfaction, engagement, identification, sustainable growth, commercial success, and the development of potential.

The resulting organizational development often goes hand in hand with creating a culture of trust in the company that works on different levels: personal level (belief in yourself), team level (trust in relationships), change management level (trust in the process), and strategic direction level (trust in the organization).

Sabine Walter

Professional Experience

After finishing her business degree, Sabine worked in various management roles in industry. She gained formative experience as a turnaround manager at arvato services, a subsidiary of Bertelsmann, leading her team there with clarity and confidence. This helped her quickly bring her team members on board with new strategies and the changes that these brought, generating financial success.

Sabine Walter

Strengths: Wide-Ranging Expertise in Realigning Teams and Businesses

Sabine hails from a family of entrepreneurs and has a diverse range of skills and experiences. She is an expert in business management, has a background in industry and management, is a strategic and innovative thinker, takes a methodical approach, and has experience in coaching and organizational development. Together this makes her a skilled sparring partner for executives, directors, and entrepreneurs to transform themselves, their teams, or their entire company.

Sabine can quickly identify where organizations have hidden resources or obstacles that are hampering development and limiting impact. As with every development process, the key is to take the step that is the right action at that time to help people or a team progress. Sabine helps organizations take this step successfully with her methodical approach, confidence, focus, empathy, and clarity of purpose. She also knows how to address difficult topics in a simple and understanding way so that she can tackle the root causes as quickly as possible. Sabine’s job is her calling in life. She wants to make a difference, that’s why she pours everything she’s got into her work.

You can read more about Sabine Walter in our series of conversations with entrepreneurs.

Sabine Walter


  • Entrepreneurial
  • Strategic
  • Goal-oriented
  • Empathetic
  • Creative

Core Skills

  • Transformation management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Strategy development
  • Leadership
  • Training program design
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Team and organizational development


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